I’m Emerson Ward; a product designer and independent creative based in Los Angeles. I specialize in mobile product development and lead freelance brand design projects alongside Lucy Traver.


A clean energy technology company.

Mobile Product Design
Web App Design
After leading a full redesign of the Inspire Home app, my team focused into specific features such as smart home, thermostat, schedule, and rewards. For optimized digital aquisition, we also redesigned the sales funnel, involving multiple platforms and technologies to support all digital environments and use cases.


Earn points for supporting clean energy.

With this feature, Inspire members earn points for supporting clean energy. Completing tasks, surveys, or optimizing for efficiency earns users points. They can redeem those points for cash to Amazon, Whole Foods, and more. Rewards increased activation by over 14%.


Easy Efficiency

Heating and cooling account for the majority of energy use in the average U.S. home. The Inspire Schedule aimed to reduce wasted energy when users are not home and maximize comfort when they are. A year after Schedule feature was shipped it had trippled adoption from the previous schedule.

Contactless Funnel

Inspire’s answer to COVID sales concerns.

Inspire’s in-person sales involve  agent and prospect sharing a tablet to enter required information. As COVID hit, Inspire needed to adapt. A team was formed around building a solution for contactless selling.

Given the complexity of Inspire’s sales funnel (requiring personal info, address, utility info, regulatory legalese, etc) we wanted to both enable a contactless solution and reduce friction.

Our solution was a dynamic, mobile-first web app that renders depending on state-specific regulations, if the sale is being conducted in-person or by a prospect later at home, and other factors.


Automate your comfort and save energy.

From the success of Schedule, and with new imperitives passed down from the executive team, we set out to create a new feature that was frictionless to set up, easier to understand, and more intuitive to use. We also added features, such as energy grid demand Direct Response and Geofencing.
On-boarding: Education
On-boarding: Setup